Collection of Pincushions - New Additions

I have always loved the pincushions. Without even realizing I have collected a good number of them through the years in different sizes, shapes and techniques. 

I came across the E-Book The Adventures of a Pincushion, Designed Chiefly for the Use of Young Ladies on the website The Project Gutenberg and learnt some interesting facts about a pincushion I didn't know.

It is a common knowledge that pincushions have been used by seamstresses and needleworkers for centuries to store and organize their pins, needles, keeping them in the sewing boxes.

However, did you know that dating back to the 16th century first pincushion had nothing to do with sewing and was important when dressing up. Gowns, kerchiefs, aprons and even caps were hold in place with pins.

When pins were necessary during sewing, they should be taken from pincushion, not from a dress - it was considered to be a bad habit. Based on the facts described in the book, the girls carried their pincushions in pockets, not in sewing bags/boxes. They were also hung on tape from waist, near pocket and under upper petticoat or skirt.

I came to the point I wanted to give some of the pincushions from my collection  the second life by reproducing the designs and let everyone else who wish to re-create and enjoy them.

The first pincushion I would like to introduce is Red Pincushion.

The design is very versatile. It can be stitched in different colors, one solid color could be used or several. I stitched it on 32 count linen with Au Ver A Soie silk (4 shades of red).

Red Pincushion

I also added eyelet stitches around the stitched design and finished the back side with Dark Red Velvet

Red Pincushion

I finished stitching this pincushion last winter and dated it 2022. The design comprises elements from different antique samplers I owe. The empty space in the upper corners are reserved actually for the rings.

Pincushion 2022

It is stitched on beautiful Fox and Rabbit Duxbury Linen, 36 count with Gloriana overdyed silk (12 colors) 2 over 2 and 1 over 1 for two bushes.

The third pincushion is a reproduction of a Victorian pincushion from my collection. 

Victorian Pincushion

It is stitched on 46 count Dirty Ewe linen by Dames of The Needle with Au Ver A Soie silk 2 over 2.

And last but not least, my favorite pincushion God Blesses The Work of Thy hands that is stitched on 46 count Espresso linen by Fiber on a Whim with Gloriana silk 2 over 2.

God Blesses The Work of Thy Hands Pincushion

I have to tell special Thank you! to Vonna Pfeiffer for her Youtube video tutorials and tips on how to finish pillows. I used them to finish my pincushions. I have to confess it was my first time finishing the small pillows and stuffing them, and I am very proud of how they turned out for the first time. Check Vonna's Youtube channel Vonna Pfeiffer, The Twisted Stitcher! Her tutorials, full of generously shared little secrets, will leave you satisfied with your finished projects.

The designs of all 4 pincushions are available as patterns and could be purchased HERE.

I hope you like them as much as I while stitching, finishing and preparing them for your enjoyment!

Happy stitching,

Natalia Frank.

Small things bring big days! 

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